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It Takes A Safari Lodge To Raise A Guide

Previous NJ MORE student Nic Human – now a field guide at Madikwe Safari Lodge – writes about his experience of becoming a field guide at one of the country’s top safari lodges.

“So far, my time at Madikwe has been nothing short of amazing. The warm and welcoming nature of the staff has made settling in an easy process.

“When I think about the relationships I’ve formed and the friends I’ve made, it’s crazy to think I’ve only been here a couple of weeks. My housemate Mike goes out of his way to make sure I’m okay, helps me out, and is someone to grow with on my journey.

“I really enjoyed my induction period, where I got to work in all of the departments that make the lodge run successfully. It’s because of this programme that I have settled in so easily. I was afforded the opportunity to not only realise the importance of every piece of the puzzle, but also get to know everyone around the lodge.

“For me, what stands out about Madikwe is the family feel. From the moment I arrived, I felt like I belonged, and am privileged to be mentored by numerous staff members, who help me without being asked to or assigned to me.

“There is a saying that goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Well, here at Madikwe, it takes a lodge to raise a guide.

“I’ve found that the training I had at NJ MORE Field Guide College has also given me a solid base from where to launch my career. It’s given me the ability to walk into the lodge and know what standard is expected, so I can already meet those levels.

“I hope not only to continue to be part of this family, but also to be one of those who elevate it and make the lodge a dream to work at.”

Nic captured this awesome video of the endangered African wild dogs on a fresh kill in Madikwe Game Reserve.

Words by: Nic Human

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