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As a broad and in-depth subject, guiding is as beautiful as it is tough. Seen from an outside point of view, it may seem simple and easy. I think most guides will say that it is easy because it’s a passion that we as people develop; to inform the public and enhance their experience.

Although these guides may say it is easy, it can be very challenging. Multitudes of subjects that envelope a topic that may seem otherwise simple and straight forward. At the end of all the hard work, it can be very rewarding. I say can be, because it is what you as the guide makes of it like it is with most things in life.

I say this because you as the guide are the one who is in control. You are the one who decides what your clients experience and how they experience it.

Will you as the guide be sure to prioritise your guests needs first? Will you consider their safety above all else? How will you make the experience exceptional for them in your own unique way? Can you help your clients understand questions they might have?

These are all basic questions in most guest-based industries. There are guidelines for guides to follow so that we, as the people with the knowledge, can provide guests with the best of the best experiences. Not to endanger them, but to inform them and make them feel comfortable and safe in what is otherwise known as a dangerous environment.

To entertain and enlighten the public, to show them a part of our world that is slowly fading from many people’s minds. This is why we inform and help others understand the impact of the different problems nature face. In doing this, we hope to spread that message through others and hope to make a difference.

Even if we change only one person’s life for the good, it is rewarding and fills oneself with joy and excitement to know that you have made some kind of a difference somewhere.

In the end, it is not about us as guides, but about the people, we take out on adventures and the natural environments that they want to see and experience. We are all on this planet together. We all want something beautiful and satisfying out of life.

Guiding gives us the opportunity to grant people exactly that and in return we get satisfaction and happiness, knowing we have made some form of a contribution to another living being.

Harmony is key to all things in life.

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