COVID-19 – We Are Prepared

In response to COVID-19, we’ve had to adapt the way we live, learn and work – but what remains the same is our commitment to ensuring our students’ well-being. We wish to reassure both students and their guardians that we care, we have a plan, and we are ready to welcome you back to NJ MORE when the time comes. To feel the freedom of Marataba’s wide-open spaces… It’s going to be the best place to be.” – Gawie Grobler, Operations Manager of the NJ MORE team

We have mobilised a team to ensure that we are well-prepared to host students again. This includes dedicated physicians from Dr De Kock & Partners who remain on call, and will assist and advise us. To give you further peace of mind, we have detailed all of our preventative and responsive measures below.

Precautionary Measures

In the Field
There will be a limit of 6 students per game viewer, allowing for the required social distancing. The vehicles will also be regularly washed down and sanitised.

At Campus
Our tables and seating arrangements in the classroom and our dining room will be arranged in such a way that social distancing is respected.

Health Screening
Both students and staff will be screened twice daily, undergoing temperature checks using non-invasive infrared thermometers to maintain their personal space and comfort.

Staff Monitoring
Our staff have returned to the college having undergone the mandatory isolation period and testing, and will remain on site.

Protective Wear
Face masks and hand sanitizer are available for both students and staff, with disinfectant dispensers placed in easily-accessible areas around the college, camp and on the vehicles.

College Hygiene
The lecture rooms, camp tents and communal areas will be regularly cleaned, paying particular attention to high-trafficked spaces, with all surfaces thoroughly disinfected.

Response Plan

Isolation Tent
In the event that a student or staff member presents with COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately isolated in Tent 10, reserved for this purpose, and medical assistance will be sought.

Doctors on Call
In case of a suspected COVID-19 infection, we have set up a 24-hour response service with a nearby medical practice, whose doctors are on standby to provide testing, treatment and advice.

Patient Care
Should an infected student or staff member not require hospital treatment, they will return to camp to self-isolate and be cared for by our team, taking special precautions.

Private Health Care
Please be assured that South Africa offers a high standard of healthcare, with an extensive network of private doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals, which are easily reachable from our college.

As time goes by and we learn more, we will be able to relax our strict rules so that we can fully enjoy the freedom of Marataba.

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