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Leopards, Leopards And More Leopards

My journey at MORE started this past January when I was selected to attend as one of the 8 career guides at the NJ More Field Guide College in Marataba. The last 8 months have flown by in a blur of learning, new experiences, friendships and feeding an existing but always-hungry passion for the bush. …
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The Hippo King

The Hippo – King of African waters

Hippos are very large amphibious mammals, found in the southern half of the African continent. They were originally native to everywhere south of the Sahara, but are now mostly living in parks and reserves. The hippopotamus amphibious, as it is known taxonomically, is in the Hippopotamidae Family. Hippos are large creatures with some males weighing …
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Rhino Midden

Fascinating Facts About Rhino Middens

In the bush, the most important signs of wildlife are the simplest, but they are often overlooked. Most people would turn their noses up at rhino dung, instead preferring to look at other sightings or tracks. Yet interestingly enough, white rhino dung tells a story that is of utmost importance to not only the rhino …
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Sight And Sound Advanced Birding Challenge

It was the month of May and the morning of the 5th, it started out like any other morning, with a really early wake-up and many unfamiliar sounds from outside our tents, those sounds were birds. But lucky for the NJ MORE students, those sounds where about to become a whole lot more familiar with …
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Our new group of students: bright-eyed and keen to take on the wild world of field guiding! With a setting as beautiful as Marataba South Africa, how could they not be inspired?

Watch this space for updates on their progress...

For more info on the college:

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Our new students have started their training by learning all there is to know about wilderness first aid procedures. Being able to care for future guests is a vital part of becoming a field guide!

Click on the link to find out about our exciting new 60-day course:

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1 week ago

NJ MORE Field Guide College

Do you have a passion for the bush, as well as all the weird and wonderful creatures that call it home?
Explore the African wilderness, while gaining valuable insight into the world of Field Guiding with our new 60-Day Apprentice Field Guide Course!
This course is perfect for gap year students, or anyone wishing to learn more about nature and wildlife. You’ll get to spend time in Marakele National Park, which is part of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve – the only savannah biosphere in the world.
Click on the link to start your adventure:

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A huge welcome to our new NJ MORE ambassadors!

The new students for July 2019 have arrived, and they are ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime. During their time with us, they will be gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to one day become field guides. And of course, they'll be living their African dream! We cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you do!

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Just 3 more days until we meet our new students for our July intake! We are looking forward to introducing them to the beautiful landscapes of Marataba South Africa, and teaching them everything they need to know about becoming exceptional field guides. ...

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